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Reynland is a continental landmass in the world of Vandairia, home of the Reyn and the setting of the Crimson Flag Comic. The continent, like those of the real world, is large and varied in climate and terrain. The comic has taken place exclusively in Reynland thus far.


CaerreynThe Relran Tree, in the AuberwoodAlopexia


As has been so far revealed in the comic, Reynland has four races of Reyn inhabiting it: Red Reyn, Gray Reyn, Snow Reyn, and Fens. Reds appear to be the most populous. Each race mainly inhabits a certain area that comprises their homeland, and races rarely live outside of their homeland. Usually those that do are envoys, merchants, and soldiers.


Reynland culture is varied among its races. Red Reyn are cosmopolitan, living in large fortified cities. Gray Reyn live in houses built in the trees of the Auberwood, and have only one major settlement, the Relran Tree, to their name. Snow Reyn live in cities in their northern homeland of Alopexia, and many live lives as entrepeneurial inventors and merchants, trading with the various cities of Reynland. The Reyn consume both food similar to real-life dishes as well as some exotic foods like the Goldwelond Fruit. Reynland technology is medieval in nature, as is seen in the comic's architecture and military.

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