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Sierra Woderose, a typical Reyn.

“Caerreyn, the fortress of the Reyn, stood as their ultimate triumph. An unimaginable number of Reyn of all types walked its streets.”

The Reyn are anthropomorphic foxes who are the primary inhabitants of Reynland in the world of Vandairia. They are intelligent, culturally diverse, and some even display magical talents and abilities. Several types of Reyn exist, mostly reflecting real-life species of foxes. These include the Red Reyn, Gray Reyn, Snow Reyn, and Fens. These races reflect not only the look of different species of foxes, but also their homes and habits. The Gray Reyn, for example, are based off of the gray fox, which is unique among foxes in that it lives an arboreal lifestyle. Similarly, the Gray Reyn live in houses built in the branches of the massive trees of their homeland, the Auberwood.

Like real foxes, the Reyn are omnivorous. While the details of their typical meals are obscure, it is known they comsume familiar foods like bread and stew. They farm several types of exotic plants unique to Vandairia, such as the Goldwelond Fruit for food or the Volflamous Tree for exploding nuts.


  • Virmir originally envisioned a fifth race of Reyn based off Swift Foxes, the Swifts, who would have been “shamanistic, nature-tuned, and occasionally thieving,” but removed them from the story since they were not particularly important to it.
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