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To Do List

This list is to keep us focused and organized as we get this site up and running. Things higher up the list are higher priority. All of this must be done before we start actually writing pages, or we're gonna have a right mess on our hands.

  1. Decide on our vision. What do we want to include and what do we not want to? Establish a quicklink sidebar for easy navigation to major places around the site and to virmirish places. Some possiblities include
    1. About the site
    2. About the comic
    3. The artists, Tod and Virmir
    4. links to the comic, the forums,, and
  2. Start coming up with a basic organization for the site using categories.
  3. Declare both a general style guide and a layout guide for pages.
  4. We are adding pages starting with major lore concepts and characters!
What we are NOT doing.
  • Doing anything not directly related to the Crimson Flag Comic. There will be a page for Virmir, but it is for him as the artist, not him as a character.
  • We are not “prettying up” the wiki. Virmir will handle that if he likes what we do.
  • We are not speculating in this wiki about what is going to happen in the comic, we're chronicling what has already happened. This isn't Reddit, this is a wiki. Only what is directly in the comic and what Virmir has outright stated in CF Chat or the forums should be considered fair game for inclusion on a page.
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