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Voltar de Monteshrewd

Character Name

First Appearance: Comic #29
Race: Snow Reyn
Faction: Alopexia
Occupation: Merchant
Hubert-Personal Assistant & Friend
Lucian Urocyon-Ally

“Do you need a hat? It looks like you all need a hat to me…”


Early Life

From what is known of Voltar's childhood, he grew up under strict parents who expected him to focus his studies on becoming a merchant. Voltar's father, and grandfather were both stated to be merchants, however Voltar dreamed of becoming an airship gunner instead, much to the chagrin of his parents. Voltar's parents saw airship work as beneath him, and viewed his studies in engineering, piloting, and gunnery as a waste of money.

Kidnapping Arc

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Voltar first appeared meeting with Queen Avelina to secure better trade relations with Caerreyn. After the queen was abducted by Julian, Voltar was confronted by Sir Bryce who hijacked his airship in order to peruse the Death Evan alongside Lucian and Sierra.

Auberwood Arc

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Initially reluctant, Voltar quickly warmed up to the team, and in typical merchant fashion seized the opportunity as a means to attempt a sale or two. Despite his best efforts as an airship gunner, the airship failed to stop the Death Evan, the airship was then subsequently lost after taking heavy damage from Anti-Airship Cannons. Afterwards Voltar managed to aid in the fight against Lucile able to finish her by using a Chakram to break her staff. He then enabled Bryce, Sierra and Lucian to gain access to the Relran Tree, acting as a door to door merchant to distract the guards, he was however arrested for this. Later in jail he encountered bitter rival and fellow snow Reyn Baron Von Snickerhoss, alongside several captured red Reyn. After a fight erupts between the two, Voltar breaks the prison bars, leading to a mass escape by the reds.

Feral Curse Arc

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Voltar reappears arriving back in Caerreyn, where he is reunited with Hubert and his lost hat. Much to Hubert's dismay, Voltar showed more excitement at the hat than himself. Although initially dismayed at the loss of his airship, which as he described was his third best, Voltar maintained his typical optimism and called for his second best airship to take its place.


Voltar is a friendly and very extroverted Reyn; a salesman at heart he rarely passes up a chance to make a sale. Voltar can have a one track mind, finding himself easily distracted, and often being motivated by money alone, initially joining the hero's as an opportunity to sell his wares, and be rewarded by the queen. He can be quite selfish, seemingly valuing his hats and airships, over his own assistant, Hubert. In spite of his selfishness, Voltar stands by his friends when push comes to shove, agreeing to help Lucian, Sierra and Bryce on multiple occasions, and saving Hubert from being arrested.


Voltar lacks any traditional magical abilities, or standard fighting skills. Voltar instead he compensates with aggressive sales tactics, often scaring away foes without the need to engage them in combat. Additionally Voltar is a skilled airship pilot, able to operate his own ship, and man the cannons as needed.


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