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Sir Ludovic

Sir Ludovic
First Appearance: Comic #97
Race: Gray Reyn
Faction: Auberwood
Occupation: sir_ludovic
Ludovic's Parents
Lord Julian Urocyon-Boss
Sir Bryce Vangault-Rival
Lucile Urocyon-comrade

“Ludovic, sometimes I wish you would dress as professionally as you speak.” -Lord Julian Urocyon


Auberwood Arc

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Sir Ludovic first appeared in the comic as Lord Julian Urocyon returned from Caerreyn with his prisoner, Queen Avelina. As Julian was thronged by his subjects living in the Relran Tree, Ludovic calmed them by saying Julian was exhausted from intense negotiations with the Red Reyn and their Council. As Julian and Ludovic talked, it is revealed at his lord's instruction Ludovic has rounded up the Red Reyn in the Auberwood. Julian further instructed Ludovic to take the Queen to the throne room and to ready the guards, though not to say specifically why, under the guise of making the Reds' attack appear unprovoked.

Later in Lord Julian's throneroom, as Julian ended his conversation with the Red Council, Sir Ludovic expressed concern that Julian is provoking the wrath of the entire Red military. Julian asked Ludovic why he was there, to which Ludovic reported that a fire had broken out in the forest and that he had sent scouts to investigate. Julian replied that the Reds were making too much progress and needed to be delayed before leaving to gather the Divine Staff.

As Sir Bryce Vangault scaled the Relran Tree, he encounters Sir Ludovic, where each taunted the other's missing body parts. They began to fight on the boughs of the trees. Ludovic managed to disarm Bryce of his enchanted sword, and blocked Bryce's enchanted shurikens. Ludovic mocked Bryce for using enchanted weapons rather than using magic directly, and proceeded to shoot fire at Bryce. Bryce blocked and retorted magic is a tool “like any blade”. Ludovic then put down his sword, challenging Bryce to hand-to-hand combat. During this, he uses magically enhanced fists to defeat Bryce.

Ludovic then sat next to him, saying they were now two for two and needed to catch up a bit. When Bryce tried to get up to continue, Ludovic knocks him back down telling him to watch the sunset, though did hand the Red Reyn back his sunglasses. Ludovic insinuates that Bryce is on the wrong side. Bryce told Ludovic that Lord Julian was crazy, to which Ludovic replied makes him no different than King Avelan of Caerreyn over 100 years ago. Bryce warned Ludovic that if they didn't return the Queen, that he'd deal with unpleasant consequences. To this Ludovic simply replied that it wasn't his concern, that his only job was to stall Bryce. Bryce called his sword back to attack Ludovic, which Ludovic parried easily, but Bruce managed to punch him with his metal gauntlet. This sent Ludovic careening over the side and onto a small bough of the tree, which broke and dangled. Ludovic annoyedly stated it didn't count to their tally, to which Bryce replied “We'll call it a tie.” as he cut Ludovic loose.

Feral Curse Arc

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Sir Ludovic was next seen breaking into the watch-tower manned by Nick and Santos with Lucile. Ludovic rallied Nick and Santos while Lucile began looking for the search party that was looking for them. He told the group that the Reds had attacked, but did not mention the kidnapping. Alfred joined them soon after, carrying a stolen crystal carrying a message regarding orders for red troops from Commodore Alistair.

Ludovic then revealed he had a plan to get past the search party, which involved a poorly conceived idea to ambush them in an open clearing by luring them in first as a “friendly stranger”. Frustrated with the search party's unwillingness to take the bait, he simply attacked them. In the ensuing fight, Ludovic managed to kill most of the party, including disarming and decapitating their captain, while Lucile and Alfred took out their mage. As the fight closed, Lucile chastized Ludovic for his poor acting, to which Ludovic sheepishly replied that he wasn't usually the plan-maker. Ludovic began to declare the next part of the plan, but Lucile shut him down with her repeated slapping.

Ludovic is next seen in his parents' house, where he and the rest of the Gray party is hiding out. It is revealed here that his distrust of reds was instilled in him by his parents, as indicated by his mother's comment about Red tyrrany. Ludovic and the others then went to the top of his parents' house, where Nick had successfully set up a rope line into the Relran Tree for them to infiltrate. While climbing they recounted Ludovic's plan to inflitrate, find where they were keeping the Gray summoners, determine Julian's location with the divining chamber, and escape before the Reds returned with their airships. Unfortunately for them, they were captured about 15 minutes later.

While being escorted, a Red officer revealed they had used the crystal to trick them. Ludovic pretended to trip & fall off the bough they were walking down, giving Lucile an opportunity to punch their captain. In the ensuing battle, Santos used his magic to break the bough, sending the greys down to a lower bough. From here Ludovic saw the Death Evan, and they boarded using a grappling hook. On the Death Evan, a major fight occurred against two Level Three Red mages. While Lucile fought the ice mage, Ludovic took on the water mage. Ludovic was eventually knocked down by the water mage, and was nearly killed by her trident before the Fen-Daha stabbed her in the back. Ludovic then attacked the ice-mage, shattering his ice-wing and letting the merged Pyro-Lucile blast him off the ship. Ludovic then realized the ship was already moving, and rushed down to the bridge carrying the unconscious Lucile to assist his companions in driving the massive airship.

Alopexia Arc


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Sir Ludovic is a highly skilled fighter, proficient in swordplay, fire magic, and hand-to-hand combat. His preferred weapon is a scimitar which he keeps attached to his belt. He often augments his scimitar-swinging with magic. Despite missing an eye, he uses a spell to give himself depth perception.


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