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Gerad & Madam Woderose

Gerad WoderoseMadam Woderose
First Appearance: Comic #210First Appearance: Comic #212
Race: Red ReynRace: Red Reyn
Faction: CaerreynFaction: Caerreyn
Occupation: Level 3 MageOccupation: Unknown
Madam Woderose-wifeGerad Woderose-husband
Sierra Woderose-daughterSierra Woderose-daughter
Archmage Kesnar-Colleague*

“Madam Woderose, I'm afraid we have some terrible news.”-Archmage Kesnar

Gerad Woderose

Gerad Woderose was a Mage of Caerreyn Level 3 and father to Sierra Woderose. Gerad encouraged Sierra at a young age when she showed talent for magic. However, when Sierra came across a “blue dragon” and told her father, he sent her to speak with a Priest of the Stars, likely fearing (and correctly so) that she had accidentally summoned a spirit forbidden by the church.

What appears to be a few years later, Gerad was on the airship Red Storm when it was attacked by mountain wyverns. The airship was “ill-fated”, which indicated it did indeed crash, but the crew survived as Gerad sacrificed himself to save them, killing “no less than 5” of the creatures. He had a funeral service at the Church of the Stars.

Madam Woderose

Madam Woderose was wife to Gerad Woderose and mother to Sierra Woderose. Little is revealed about her life or personality. She received the news from Kesnar that Gerad Woderose had given his life to save the crew of the Red Storm, and sat next to Sierra at his funeral.


  • Gerad's face is never shown in the comic. This may be done to foreshadow his death or may indicate Sierra doesn't remember his face very well, as she was young at the time of his death.
  • Kesnar delivers the news of Gerad's death to Madam Woderose, but it is unknown if he was archmage at the time or merely a friend of Gerad's.
  • Madam Woderose's first name is never revealed in the comic.
  • Sierra looks a lot like her mother.
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